Sunday, 24 July 2011


Well today has been quite a slow day if im totally honesty, spent most of the day just lying around the couch watching crap on TV and by crap i mean CRAP!.. I mean i even watch Paris Hilton BFF show how sad am i???

So yea it's been a pretty boring day today, tomorrow i got to head into town with Marie to do some more shopping, which should be a pretty quick trip since the twins don't come back from their dads until later on tomorrow afternoon and Mikaela is currently staying at her friends house until Tuesday, so it looks like it will be a quick in grab some shopping and back out again.

But now i'm totally and utterly knackered, been raiding since 18:00 my time until now, unfortunatly it didn't go quite as i expected and we only managed to down three bosses out of the four we have taken down currently so yea not a bad raid, but not a great raid either. But unfortunatly we had a couple of new people in the raid this week so i guess we just have to get them used to the tactics etc and everything will be fine.

But for now i think i'll go chill out a little bit and watch some TV before heading to bed.

Goodnight everyone, hope your day has been a bit more fun packed than mines :)

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