Sunday, 31 July 2011

Raiding In Hot Weather.

What can i say i have a raid in about 1 hour 10 minutes and i'm absolutely dreading it like you wouldn't believe.

It is currently about 28oC (82.4oF) in the house and i feel like i'm about to pass out, i have tried everything currently (took a cold shower etc) but nothing is helping and what makes it even worse is the fact that i have to raid tonight, and when i raid i sweat even more. Don't ask why i sweat like hell when i raid i just do, no matter if it's content we have cleared before or if it's content we're working on no matter when i play WoW i sweat like a motherfucker.

I had contemplated taking my laptop outside as one of my guild members suggested but unfortunately i have no long extension cord so i would have to take my laptop out the front, and let's just say out the front we have no fence so i would be in full view of everyone and i think me sitting there with my super white Steelseries headset would just make me look like a compete retard.

I mean i'm a complete gaming nerd i admit that, in fact i could probably walk right outside now and scream to the whole town "I'M A COMPLETE GAMING NERD!!!!" but the idea of actually sitting outside with my laptop in full view of everyone with my headset on just seems a little bit over the top?

So it seems i'm just going to have to suffer in the heat and hope that i don'accidentally pass out while raiding, we have a household fan that i could steal i guess and put it next to me to keep me cool in this heat, so we shall see.

Anyway's i only have about 1 hour left before i have to login and get ready to rock and roll, so i'm going to leave it here and go chill out for the last hour.

Anyone wanting to buy some sun (not it all!) is more than welcome to place their bid in the comments section below.

Cya folks!

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