Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Apparently I Needed Help!

My partner decided that i needed help translating the things she said and the actual meaning behind it, since well as everyone knows men are slow, we might not admit it. Heck we might even deny it but every man in the world knows that their women is 300x smarter than he is.

I mean they have even come up with their own secret language or at least kept the normal words, but added simple yet decisive meanings behind what they are saying.

So my partner Marie decided to head off around the internet to enlighten me as what she is really saying.

(Click The Image To See Full Size)

Normally i hear alot of these things on a daily basis, but i take no notice of them and just carry on with my day without a second thought. I think it comes back to men being slow.

However after reviewing this image i have came to the solid conclusion that i now understand the female psyche a little bit better now and perhaps i will not misinterpret what she says any longer..

Although i'm now going to be very worried everytime she comes out with "WHATEVER" knowing now what she actually means by it, and trust me i hear that alot from mines.

So at least now you know what your spouse, fiancee, girlfriend or perhaps just a friend that happens to be a woman is actually saying to you! There is hidden meanings behind everything a women says.

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