Friday, 22 July 2011

Worst Pug Ever!

So a while ago Blizzard decided to introduce a tool within World Of Warcraft called the "Looking For Group" tool which basically groups you or the group you are with up with a bunch of random people from different server, if your having issues trying to find people to join your group.

In many ways this tool is a awsome feature that should have been introduced way back when World Of Warcraft was launched but unfortunatly it wasn't, but we have it now.

However using this tool can only be described as like playing russian roulette. You can either end up with a good group or a group filled full of complete and utter retards.

Unfortunatly today i had the latter of two, and let me tell you the experience was far from enjoyable, infact i think taking a loaded gun and spinning the barrel, and then pointing it at myself would probably have been a damn sight more enjoyable.

So how did it all begin? well i entered the Looking For Group tool and waited for around 20mins on my Hunter this morning, now everyone who knows me in real life knows that i am not the most patient and easy to get along with person, Infact i could probably be described as a complete fucking tool first thing in the morning.
Anyways eventually after 20 minutes i was given the option to join a group, so in i went that was the biggest mistake i think i made this morning.

Upon entering the dungeon which was non other than Zul'Aman, i found that the tank was dead along with the two dps that was in the group, so of course i asked the normal question you ask when you join a group that seems to have wiped.
"What boss you at?" without any hesitation they all replied "at the first one, stupid healer was shit, tank got no heals!"

I was like oh right not to bad then, lets get this show on the road but upon going around the first corner in the instance i noticed that the first trash pack was still alive, that should have been my first clue right?
Well........ it wasn't.. I decided to give the group the benifit of the doubt and continue, we managed to clear the first trash pack with no problems and began making our way up the gauntlet run to the first boss, but nearing the end of the gauntlet the tank begins screaming at his new healer to leave the instance!
Personally i have no bloody idea why the hell he wanted him to leave, as he was keeping him alive and all us DPS who were pulling aggro left right and centre but he was, so after a few seconds of the healer deciding fuck you i ain't going anywhere our first tank left...... Great!.......... The worst thing in World Of Warcraft is waiting for tanks, they are so hard to come by because they are pretty much the main role in the whole game, no tank = no instance it's just that simple, especially when doing heroics.

So we once more re-entered the LFG tool and waited for a new tank, well after waiting a few minutes a new tank appeared, after inspecting his gear it looked pretty decent so i was sure that this was going to go smooth, so we continued up to the first boss and managed to down him without any hasstles and then cleared out way to the next boss.
As we reach the second boss you are faced with a trash pack containing two humans (1 melee & 1 caster) and two big bear's with trolls sitting on top of them. So me being the hunter in the group through down a frost trap where the caster guy walks so that he would be out of the game for a few minutes while we continued to fight the rest of the pack, but Noooooooo the stupid fucking retarded Shadow Priest in our group decided that he would mind control the mob, no worries at the end of the day aslong as the mob is out of the game then it's all good!

Well we got the boss down, and made out way to the next set of mobs to be taken down on the way to the 3rd boss, well this is where everything went downhill.. I once more used my Ice Trap and trapped a caster mob that does a fair amount of damage and has a AoE Fireball ability that really fricken hurts, long story short the absolutly retarded Shadow Priest this time decided that he wouldn't mind control my crowd controlled mob he would attack it instead, breaking it from my ice trap and wiping the group..... Bye Bye third tank.
So once more we were left looking for a new tank, eventually we found a new one but once more thanks to our wonderful Shadow Priest he left... Bye Bye forth tank.....

Once more we found myself with my group back in the LFG tool waiting for another tank, eventually we found our fifth tank but after killing the third boss he decided that the shadow priest sucked and because we couldn't kick him he would leave aswell...

Eventually after 2 hours 15 minutes and seven tanks, five new DPS we eventually completed the run, funnily enough without the Shadow Priest, it may have been something to do with my ranting and screaming that he was a complete and utter fucking retard and that he should die but either way we competed the run..

But what a bloody run, i think out of every instance run i have done in my time in WoW that this has to have been the worst run ever, i have never seen so many tanks come and go than i have on this day..

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