Friday, 15 July 2011

Time For Some Grub.

Well it's getting to that time of the day again, as you all know i've spent most the day bored out my mind, i thought about bugging the shit out of my partner by randomly poking her and doing things that i knew would piss her off but as i reflected on that idea i decided it was probably not the best way to entertain myself so instead i looked at some TV shows that i downloaded.. Mainly the new episode of NY Ink, for anyone not to sure what the hell that show is it's about tattoo'n and the life of a tattoo artists and i gotta say i love it Ami James although a hot headed bastard is just a trully amazing artist i would pay anything in the world (if i had the fricken money) to travel to New York and get a tattoo by him or any of his crew really.
But if your into Tattoo's and haven't seen NY Ink i would highly recommend you checking it out! 

While im on the subject of Tattoo's i was wondering if any of my followers might help me out, on NY Ink there is a artist there that goes by the name of "Megan Massacre" she's meant to be Ami James sort of prodigy some upcoming all star tattoo'r and shes very talented, now what i want help with is a picture of her back tattoo that she has. I caught a glimpse of it on a episode of NY Ink the other week and i have been googling my head off trying to find it but i cannot, i just want to see what it really is because from the quick glimpse i got it looked really awsome.
So anyone able to help me out? Just drop me a comment with a link if you do.

 (Click The Image To View Full Sized)

But anyways i think it's time to start munching some food as my stomach is empty and seems to be very pissed at me for not feeding it yet today :) According to my partner we're having "Lasagnette" for dinner tonight, so no doubt incoming heartburn! But oh well you gotta pay the price for something that tastes so good hehe.

So for now goodbye again i hope your day has been alot better than mines has and i hope that your able to help me out with my little search!

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