Friday, 15 July 2011


Well as the title suggests it's time for bed since its like 23:40 here in not so sunny Sweden and we're up early 2morrow to see the kids away to their grandparents for the day.
It's been a pretty crapp dull and boring day but i've got through it, spent pretty much most of the day watching TV shows that i had downloaded.

Mainly the show Burn Notice, for anyone not familiar with the TV show it's about a Ex US Spy who has been burned (Basically his employer has made him unemployed) and has been dumped in Miami, Florida. So the whole show is about this spy named "Micheal Western" who is trying to find out 
A) Who originally burned him and
B) How he can get his job and life back.

I gotta say if you have some spare time on your hands and are looking for a truly awsome TV show then this is certianly one to take a look at, especially if your like me and awaiting the new seasons of all your favorite tv shows to come back. The main character Micheal kinda reminds me a bit of MacGyver in all honesty the way he just does shit is absolutly hillarious, he actually even tells you to a certian extent how it's done but obviously not enough to actually help you do some of the crazy shit him and his team of friends do.

I just completed watching Season 2 of the show and began to watch Season 3 and im absolutly hooked. But for now i think it's time to head off to that lovely place i call bed, i am truly hoping for a much better and un-boring day tomorrow but who knows perhaps it will be just as fun packed as today was.

But for now good night everyone!

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