Sunday, 17 July 2011

Raid Soon.

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Well it's getting to that time of the day again, raid time. Every sunday is the same i get up and dread the fact that i know i have a raid that evening, it's not that i don't enjoy raiding and once 18:00 comes around and i get online and we begin im on top of the world ready to rock and roll with my guildies but before then it's always the feeling off "uggghhh, do i have to".
The answer to that is probably not, but i never like to be the one to let people down and the fact of the matter is if i ain't around especially these days then a raid probably won't go ahead, so at the moment im kind of forced to be online and raid.
Although like i said, once i'm online and on Teamspeak with my online friends i really enjoy it. Just hoping that tonight we are able to make some quick progress and get the bosses we have already killed downed quick so we can move onto some new content.

Oh well just thought i would give you a quick update, got about 1 hour 10 minutes before im due to be online so i think i'll head off and watch some more TV before then :)

Will try and update later on tonight once im finished raiding, hopefully i can come back with some good news that we have downed a new boss or are close to downing one :)


Mahalio said...

say hi to whoever I know will you :P

Ben said...

Hehe not many folk you know that raid atm m8 but ill make sure to do it 2morrow for ya :)