Sunday, 10 July 2011


Just a quick update i was just doing stuff on my Facebook and my main feed updated with pictures of a very good friend of mines who lives up the top of Sweden who has recently got himself Married to his fiancee (well duuuuuh looks like Cpt Obvious just flew past my window).. Anyhooooz i decided to be a smart ass and write on a picture of him, his wife & new born child

"Stunning picture of the family, although it would be 10000 times better if Christian Sulzer wasn't in it mwhaha :) Gratz to you both though, i wish you both a very long and happy life together :)"

So a few seconds later i get a pop up from Facebook with "Christian Sulzer also commented on the picture" so i jumped onto it to see what sort of witty remark was written back... well what the hell can i say to his reply but lmfao, i honestly can't believe he decided to reply on his wedding picture with "GTFO you cuntbag!" lmfao!!

Like honestly do you really write that on your own wedding picture.. totally and utterly cracked me up something cronic! 

I wish him and his wife a very long and happy life together! <3 Chris!

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