Monday, 11 July 2011

The Day Continues...

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So the day continues, Marie is back from her friends house after like 2 hours (yea quick coffee my fricken ass lol, i actually think she was just trying to stay away long enough so she didn't have to sit and watch Eastenders with me.) and ive completed 4 heroics on my hunter for my VP that i was gibbering about earlier, what can i say PUGS (Pugs basically means people you don't know, random people that you are grouped up with) are literally retarded in more ways than one. I would even goto the extent in saying that most pug groups that i had today was so retarded that if they got anymore retarded they would be normal again lol.. But it's done ill do 3 more 2morrow and that will be him capped for the whole week, so i'll need to wait until Wednesday's reset until i can do more and get my bracers for my Warrior :)

What more can i say that has happened today, well Marie decided to goto the store and buy us ice-cream since its so damn fricken hot here but it was the most vial disgusting ice-cream i have tasted in my life, it wasn't the flavour of the ice-cream or anything like that but it tasted like it had been sitting in the freezer for the last 10 years all grainy and stuff and yea just completely and utterly disgusting but i ate it cause well horrible ice-cream beats the hell out of heat :)

Also!!!! I just remember what day it was today MONDAY!!!! which means that True Blood (Season 4) & Top Gear (Season 17) has released a new episode so i think i need to get them downloaded, True Blood this season hasn't actually been up to much although it's still awsome to watch but i honestly believe they are taking this whole supernatural thing a little to far and maybe want to consider taking a step back a bit but it's still a cracking show. And Top Gear, well it's just absolutly awsome every season just seems to get funnier and funnier!

But for now i think its time i go and jump in the shower quickly and get myself washed up seeing as im raiding from 18:00 to 22:30 so not like i'm going to get time to jump in a shower later :)

Will try and update a little bit more later.

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Marie said...

2 hours my ass!!
I am well happy not having to watch Eastenders though, bloody hate that show.