Friday, 15 July 2011


Well the title says it all really, Morning everyone. I would say good but really there is nothing good about it, it's cold, it's raining and it's just utterly miserable outside so what can i do on a day like this? Well absolutly nothing, can't really go anywhere with the family because well who wants to spend there day outside in the wet? certainly not me for one.
I pretty much rant about how i hate the sun all the time when it's out, but at the same time i hate the fricken rain! Why can't we just have nice days where the weather consists off a little bit of sun with a very nice breeze, just so that you are kept warm but at the same time not overheating.

But apparently that is not on the cards today in Sweden, we are doomed to cold miserable rain which pretty much means my day is going to consist of finding stuff to do where there is nothing to do :( I personally blame my mum, i asked her for her rain a few days ago when we had nothing but scorching heat and no wind at all, she said she would send it to me but i think she did a little to late because now i don't want it! So mum if you read this post take back your filthy Scottish rain and give me back my damn Swedish sun!
Marie is now under the impression because of this that i have truly become a Swede since apparently they are always complaining when it's to hot and then complain even more when it's cold and wet, but heh i've been living in Sweden 5 years now it would be rather odd if i wasn't displaying some sort of signs of turning into one!

In other news though it turns out Blizzard (the company that makes World Of Warcraft) has released a new service for testing called "Real ID Party Feature" which looks pretty intresting there is alot of rumours that it will be a premium service (meaning we will have to pay to use it) but currently it's free so i had a wee test of it today inviting a old friend that i used to play with from Sweden called Emma and i got to say it looks really cool.. What it basically means is that i can play with old friends who have moved off my realm and onto another realm, when this happened in the past that was it your friendship kind of died right there and then as they transferred off, but with this new feature it seems that we will be able to play together again at least instance wise so yea thats pretty sweet!

So yea i spent the morning doing my dailys while speaking to Emma, she has apparently set up her own Photographing company taking pictures for real estate, i have to admit she is a extreamly talented photographer and i wish her all the success for her future, i said to her that i would post her website up on my Blog so that people could view her work, you can do so by clicking >HERE<.

Anyways i think that is enough for the now i shall try and update later on with whats happened or happening but for now enjoy your morning and if you currently have sun where you are, could you do me a favour and send it my way!


dawn moffat said...

I'm very sorry Benji you've got rain but to blame now is a bit blow the belt as they say, but guess what yeah you probably already have we've got Sun which we have had now for 3days yipeeeeeeeeeeee love ya though? and also not complaining about having the lovely weather because I think we have had our fair share of the bloody rain ha ha .

Ben said...

Lies!!! its your fault take responsibility :P hahahaha

Not Emma said...

Hot damn that Emma is one talented photographer!