Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 15: Five Funny Fears

Hmmmm five funny fears, in all honesty i aint afraid of anything because im a MAN!!! MWHAHAHA..

Ok i'm lying but i really have no idea about this one if i have to be totally truthful.

None of my fears i would call funny so i'm just going to write five things that im afraid off and be done with it i reckon.

Five Funny Fears:

  1. I'm afraid of my items being scratched (i.e. Mobile etc) so i leave the plastic covering on them.
  2. I absolutly fear spiders, i have no idea why but i just really hate them, so they normally die on sight.
  3. I have a absolute fear of hights, although its strange cause i dont have a fear of flying.
  4. I'm afraid of wasps & bee's, never been stung in my life and i plan on it staying that way *touch wood*.
  5. I'm afraid of speaking Swedish, this one is probably the most stupidest since i live in the country, but it's more a fear of screwing it up rather than speaking it if you know what i mean.
So there you have it five fears of mines, don't know if they are funny or just retarded but all the same there you have it :P

So what is the five things you fear the most?

1 comment:

Saru Singhal said...

I am afraid of losing someone close(Death), lizards, losing money in stock market. I have only 3 fears, I guess...