Wednesday, 13 July 2011

So Proud.

Just thought i would make a quick update on here, since i have just been out for the last 15 minutes with the boys on their bikes, would have been longer but as i said earlier i got a Skype call so i still have to jump in the shower, have a quick shave (if my mum see's me the way i am she will go nuts :P) and have dinner before we're due to be online for it :)

So anyways i just thought i would post to say how proud i am off my little devil spawns its only been 2 days they have been riding their bikes and both of them have mastered how to actually start and stop the bike without any help! Soooooooo awsome, can't actually believe they did it and without any instruction. Alex just started moving himself forward with his feet and the little light bulb in his head must have gone ting-a-ling and he quickly put his feet up onto the peddles and started to cycle, and of course once Max noticed how it was done he was very quick to follow.

So i am totally chuffed to bits with them, they have really done a great job learning to cycle, so i think my job is done for the time being with them. Next thing i think i need to teach them is about the birds and the bee's so lol!

Signing out for the time being to go get everything i need done :) will update more laters <3

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