Monday, 18 July 2011

Baleroc Downed!

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WOW  is all i can really say tonight! As most of you know yesterday my raiding guild The Frostwhisper Project was able to down Beth'tilac the spider boss, which only left us 4 bosses in the instance still to kill before we have cleared the current content on normal.

So tonight we headed back inside The Firelands raid instance this time on a mission to take out Baleroc, some big demon guy with 2 massive swords that is guarding some sort of gate, and what a raid it turned out to be. Unfortunatly it took us a little bit longer to get to grips with the strategy than i had originally planned and in total it took us around 22 attempts to finally take him down but we managed it in the long run!
We even did it with just TWO HEALERS!! i mean what the hell, most raiding guilds use a 3 healer setup, but it looked to me after a few wipes at the 10% mark that we just needed that little extra DPS push to be able to down him and after the switch and then a little readjustment we were able to down him without a hasstle.

So you could say that i am a very happy man right now, i honestly thought we would only manage one new boss this week but two! i was totally shocked but also extreamly pleased!

So for any of the guild that reads the blog "Congratulations on the awsome work!"

But all i can say now is that im absolutly knackered beyond belief, i don't know why but raiding in WoW makes me sweat like a russian hooker after a great night on the job so i think it's time to logout, head outside for a nice cigarette and then off to bed to recharge the old batteries :)

So for now i wish you a very good night!

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