Friday, 22 July 2011

Day 8: A Thank You Letter To Someone Who Has Changed Your Life

So today's challenge is to write a letter to someone who has changed your life so here goes i guess.

"No matter what i do in my life you guys are supportive, even if it is something you believe is stupid, when i am feeling down you guys are always there to try and make me feel better.

No matter where i am in the world or country you are always there to help me out.

You guys have always been my biggest supporters, and even when i make huge mistakes in my life you never judge me but will instead help and defend me no matter what.

I love you guys more than life itself and i am so glad that you are my parents, you are the best parents in the world and no matter what differences we have we always are able to resolve them by simple communcation!

So you guys changed my life, by giving me life!"

Well there you have it, a nice short and sweet letter from the bottom of my heart to two people that changed my life!


dawn moffat said...

thanks benji It is really lovely of you thinking of us in that way it really makes me proud and it bought tears to my eyes reading it :) thanks Son xxx thats what I meant

The Angry Scot said...

Hehe glad you liked it :)