Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wanting To Sell: CATS!


So Marie asks me while we're outside "could you change the cat litterbox?" I'm like yea sure no worries ill do it in a minute, so off i head into our Wash Room where we keep the cat litterbox to get it done and wtf is it with my 2 cats?? i mean they take 1 pee and 1 poo in the litterbox and they're like "meh fuck it i cant be bothered doing my business in there anymore let me just sit at the side of it and shit here instead" Sooo fricken annoying i tell you that! Disgusting little rats, and here i always thought cats were one of the cleanest animals you could get? Apparently i am very mistaken........
So yea if anyone wants to buy 2 cats i will personally ship them wherever. UK, US, Afrika, Taiwan? I don't bloody care!!

I am also intrested in selling 2 small boys ages 5, i would say coming on for 6 but at the rate they're going they probably won't see that age lol! I mean we spend absolutly thousands of kronor (Swedish currency) on toys and other lovely things for them to play with but yet they still find the need to play and do stuff they're not meant to.. I mean seriously!!??!? "oh i have a lovely set of cars here me and my brother could play with"; "nah let's play with the lightswitch instead" ... like WTF???!?!?! WHY OH WHY.. My only suggestion for anyone not wishing to purchase them but instead find themselves in the situation where they have twins is at birth sell one on Ebay, im pretty sure someone like Madonna would love to purchase them, afterall she's into that whole buyababy.com scene is she not?

In other non related news it seems that i was correct with my earlier assumption about Marie and hating me for not cleaning, i was outside having a smoke with her when she said to me, "isn't it nice to just sit there and watch everything being done" well i have to say there was only one reply i could give to that one "Why yes it is" i don't think she was to impressed but i found it amusing.. I maybe should have helped with it but i was busy with other tasks that i had set myself up to do today, and heh she done a bloody cracking job. Saying that she always does i have to admit <3

Oh well thats enough ranting for me for the time being!
Pro Tip For The Day: Don't Get Cats! And Don't Have Kids!

Enjoy your day :)

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