Sunday, 17 July 2011

Tonight's Raid.

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Well tonight's raid was absolutly amazing i must say, we unfortunatly were unable to go for the Baradin Hold boss due to the alliance controlling Baradin Hold itself, so i'm hoping that we will be able to go for that tomorrow before heading back to Firelands.

So what happened tonight then?

Well we did absolutly awsome! we got in there and began clearing trash to activate Shannox the boss we had killed twice previously. Everything was going really smooth until our Rogue managed to get killed and then one of Shannox's dogs known as "Rageface" decided that he would be a bit of a pain in the ass and got himself stuck on a peice of the terrain which of course meant we were unable to attack him and eventually the boss got reset :(
So we rebuffed everyone and waited for Shannox to respawn and make his way back around to us where we showed him exactly who was boss and one shotted the ugly son of a bitch.

So once we dealt with the loot that dropped (including a nice off spec DPS neck for my Warrior) we headed up towards Lord Rhyolith, according to the latest patch notes released on Wednesday he had been given a slight nerf (Nerf basically means some of his abilities were reduced so he didn't do as much dmg etc), so we began on our first attempt it didn't really go our way but we still managed to drop him to 10%, i honestly thought we were going to one shot him aswell but unfortunatly things didn't go our way and he took us down.. So we dusted ourselves off and gave him another go, once more it didnt go our way and we wiped another twice before downing him on our 4th attempt! Not to bad in all honesty since we had only killed him last week for the first time.

So next on our hit list was the Spider Boss known as "Beth'tilac" we had tried her on the first week of Firelands and she absolutly dominated us until we eventually had enough and just moved onto killing the the trash around the instance for reputation, but tonight we were determined to show the spider who the boss was! and we did just that, it took us around 7 attempts trying to pefect the tactic before we got her down but we did it.

So a new boss down for my raiding guild and currently only 4 more to go! I have to admit that since this is only our 3rd week of raiding having 3 bosses down already is pretty good going.

So tomorrow is another raid day and this time i think we shall be going for the big elemental lord with 2 big gigantic swords and wings known as "Baleroc" im hoping if all goes well we will be able to take him down aswell leaving us only "Alysrazor" to go before the final 2 bosses off the instance. 

Fingers crossed all goes well :) But for now i think it is time to logout and go get some shut eye.

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