Saturday, 9 July 2011

My new Blog!

So it's been around 2 years or something since my fiancee Marie has been blogging on and off and my daughter Mikaela has been doing it for about the same time, maybe a bit less.. Anyways they have been at me for a while (mainly my fiancee) about starting a blog as she believes that since:
A) I rant a hell of a lot and
B) I like to write the biggest load of pish on stuff like Facebook etc
that i would actually be a pretty decent blogger, Personally? well i don't think i will be. I don't really get up to much in life except the normal look after children, search for work and play World Of Warcraft but i said i would give it a little bash so here i am..

So the question on everyone's mind is what exactly is this Angry Scot gonna be talking about?
Well the simple answer to your question is EVERYTHING!!, no matter what is going on around me i seem to have an opinion or thought on the matter. So basically if i see or read or hear anything that really gets to me well you guys will probably be the first to hear my rant about it lol.

Other than my daily rants of why the world sucks and pretty much why the hell everyone sucks, the only other real thing that i will be posting about is World Of Warcraft my 2nd love in the world next to my Fiancee, so if your a big WoW fan or just like to hear what i do ingame and the stupid stuff my guildies get up to and piss me off about well this is the place to hear all about it (and trust me they piss me off a hell of a lot).

So i would just like to say a big welcome to everyone and let's see how this thing pans out! For now its back to the good old TV to watch a few more episodes of "Burn Notice - Season 1"


Marie said...

This is going to be interesting to say the least :P

dawn moffat said...

Well I thought I would be the first person to comment on your blog but it was to be I would like to say firstly Marie as done a fantastic job making this blog possible for you so you can write all your opinions about people and have your own private little rant about what you have read and what has pissed you off about people I am really looking forward to reading your opinions and rants so I would like to say happy blogging

Anonymous said...

Go Archie go!

Ben said...

Anonymous: there is only a select few people that call me that so im going to go with Peter or Jesper so which one of you is it?

Mahalio said...

Yea it was me :) <3