Sunday, 10 July 2011

So What's On The Cards For Today?

Well seeing as i decided to stay up until 03:00 this morning i didnt actually get my lazy ass out of bed until around 09:30 mark... So whats on the cards for today then?
Well in all honesty not that much, i got up this morning and got cracked into my WoW Dailys turns out today i managed to unlock Phase 3 of the new Firelands Dailys, which in all honesty sounded better than it actually was. The daily's themselves are just like every other daily you ever do within World Of Warcraft, extreamly boring and on top of them being absolutly tediously boring as hell you don't even have the chance to unlock new items either :/ All in all not the best but what you gonna do?

So today well i got a few things to get done, firstly i have a raid tonight at 18:00 my time with my guild on Frostwhisper EU Realm and with the release of the new Baradin Hold boss out it seems i have to head off around the internet and look at some tactics (Just hoping that i don't waste my time looking for tactics to only find out that we don't even have Baradin Hold :P)
Other than that it seems that my PC needs a little clean up from the normal dust and crap that seems to build up, i was having a look at the program i use to measure temp's etc and it turns out while playing WoW my GPU is sitting around the 90oC mark, and thats just runnnig around doing daily quests, so im totally dreading raiding with it :/  So my solution to this little problem is to grab the hoover and try and suck all the dust out the bottom of my laptop and hope that it helps at least some lol.

So apart from that i really have no idea what to do today, it seems to be another scorcher so i think i will probably spend the day outside complaining about how hot the sun is and may even have a little read of my book "A Clash Of Kings" (which for people who don't know is part of the "A Game Of Thrones" Series). So yea i think that is pretty much what is on the cards for today.

So for now i shall bid you all farewell, i will try and keep updating my Blog as much as i can :)


Mahalio said...

<3 clash of kings

Ben said...

yea its a truly awsome novel, havent really had that much time to get into it so only like 1/3 through it or something like that but really enjoying it all the same :=)