Monday, 11 July 2011

Tonight's Raid.

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Well as most of the people that follow my blog knows tonight i had another raid with my raiding guild on Frostwhisper EU Realm.. What can i say about the raid but OH BOY WHAT A DAMN NIGHT!!!!! i mean i have spent pretty much the last 2 days solid looking at Youtube video's, reading guides and viewing fight information about Lord Rhyolith so tonight i was feeling pretty confident that we would take him down pretty quickly and move onto Beth'tilac, but boy was i fricken wrong... 33 attempts it took us to take the stupid elemental son of a bitch down. We started off pretty good but random things would make us fail but after a few wipes everyone just began to lose composure i think and it just went down hill from there.. We thought having a laugh and joke might bring the mood of the raid up and make us do better but nope didnt help.. Finally at around 22:20 (10 minutes before raid end) i said to the guys that if we didn't do well this attempt we would just call it for tonight and try again next week, that seemed to have done the trick like normal (Something you will realise about my guild is that at the very last part of the raid we start playing our best, i have no idea why it's just always the way it is). So yea we finally did it on the last attempt of the evening and the son of a bitch hit the deck like a sack of potatoes.

All i can say is although it took us a grand total of 33 attempts to take the guy down, i am still extreamly proud of how well we did. It's only taken us 2 weeks to take down 3 new bosses released in this expansion so we only have another 5 first kills to get before we have cleared all the normal content :)

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But i think that is me for the night i reckon, after a 4 hour raid i am totally and utterly exhausted so i wish all my happy readers a good night and sweet dreams, but for now im signing out! <3

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