Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hello Again :D

Hello again everyone! Would just like to say sorry for not posting as much as i have been recently, but unfortunatly i've been hard at it in WoW trying to get VP capped on my Hunter & Warrior and after 6 hours of non stop heroics i am finally complete! It actually took alot longer than i originally expected to take and it feels like my whole day has just gone *poooof* and vanished before my very eyes.
Had quite a few good runs today but they were unfortunatly the last 3 i did which i tanked myself, i mean when im on my hunter i always end up with tanks in the game that think everyone has all fricken day to play and instead of making it a nice and fast run they're as slow as fricken snails, to be honest it's just totally inconsiderate of them! Don't you agree?

So yea unfortunatly that's been my whole day, don't think my lovely hunny is very pleased about it but i did it for her in the long run, the way i see it the faster i can get them dealt with the faster i can just chill out and spend time with her and the family. I know alot of people out there (who in all honesty have no clue lol!!!!) are probably thinking well do you actually need to do this crap???? and the simple answer to that question is yes i do! It's not that i want to do it and thats being serious, but when Blizzard release new content and everything is basically put back to square one then i have to get my character back up to the best gear i can get on him and that involves alot of weeks of grinding heroics on him, but once he's done then im finished with them again until the next lot of content comes out so yea although i don't actually like doing it, it's needs must especially being in a raiding guild.

So what's happening with the rest of my day then? well at the moment i'm trying to download the latest episode of "So You Think You Can Dance - Season 8" so that we can watch it while we're eating our dinner so all going well i should have that in the next 7 minutes :) 
After that i really don't know, i still need to take my shower, so i probably have dinner followed by some TV shows that i've downloaded then into the shower followed by more TV shows and just relax the night away with my true love :) Jesus i sound soppy lol! But oh well :P

So yea, pretty crappy day with nothing really to report and talk about since all i've done is spend the day online but i'll try and update some more later on i guess once i'm done with dinner etc.. I hope your day has been alot better than my boring day has been :)

But for now i'll leave you with a lovely peice of artwork that i found on MMO Champion. They like to release a few peices of art work made by the community every week and i gotta say that it really does amaze me how talented people are when it comes to art and drawing! I just wish i had they're talent, but i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

(Click To See The Full Sized Image)
But for now take care <3

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