Wednesday, 13 July 2011

All Done :)

Well hey everyone just finished up my conversation with my Mum & Dad hadn't spoke to them in about i dunno 4 months or something properly so just had a lovely 4hours and 30mins skype conversation with them and i gotta say one thing "I HATE FRICKEN SKYPE!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!??!" I mean seriously how long has the program been active and yet they still can't get a nice smooth conversation with video!, our video's kept stopping and starting and the actual sound from both sides kept cutting out i mean it makes it extreamly fricken difficult to have a good conversation when you miss out every second word due to Skype lag... So im now putting my hatred not only towards people but towards stupid PC applications!!!! DAMN YOU SKYPE, BURN IN HELL!

On the plus side it was great to speak to them again, i speak to them alot via Facebook chat etc but it's really not the same thing now is it, and i have to admit i kinda miss them alot.. Normally we go over there once a year or my parents come out here to Sweden to visit us but unfortunatly due to money it's just not been possible for either of us to do it this year, us mainly for the fact we have Kaiser and it costs alot of money when you don't know anyone to put him into what basically is a doggy daycare type thing.

But all in all i really enjoyed it, my dad never ever changes no matter how long you don't speak you can go back to him a year later and he's still his silly amazing self.. Although i could have swung for him with a 2x4 when he decided that he would give the kids candy......... Yea candy over a PC Application, everyone knows this is not possible so his way was here kids have this peice of candy oh wait you can't touch it or eat not to worry i'll eat it for you i mean seriously! that's just evil!!!

My mum well she's my mum lovely in everyway but always trying to keep my dad undercontrol although i think she finds it a bit hard since when him and the kiddies get together it's like a competition in who can be the most retarded, and in all honesty it's very hard to determine who's the winner out of them 3 lol. He is pretty much as bad as the kids are!

Unfortunalty my sister wasn't around until the very end of the conversation so didn't get much time to talk to her, but she will probably just harass me on Facebook like she normally does so it's all good there i think ;) She will no doubt go nuts at me saying harass and have a massive rage at me lol!!! :P

Anyways i think that is me for today, had a pretty decent day today and got quite a bit done and as i said above a really great chat with my folks! But yea hopefully tomorrow i can get everything i need done quite quickly ingame and then i get a few days off with just hanging around and chilling with the kids..

I'll leave my Blog for tonight off with this article from the BBC News that my partner found, just reading it made me want to piss myself laughing and thinking about what sort of religion i could come up with, i mean i always think im a GOD so why not make up my own religion so i am one!!!! haha.
Anyways enjoy the article and i will post some more tomorrow :)

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity

Night all <3

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