Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Stovies For Dinner!!

So i was sitting outside yesterday and Marie was asking me what i would like to have for dinner next week, well i decided upon Stovies, but instead of getting them next week Marie decided that today would be a awsome day for it!
To be honest everyday is great for Stovies, it's just one of those dishes that you could live off for a year and never get tired off! They're just that good!

So what the fricken hell is Stovies i hear some of you ask, infact someone on my Facebook page just did after i spammed my page with "STOVIES FOR DINNER!!!!! \o/".

Well Stovies is a traditional Scottish dish made basically off left overs you have lying around, from your sunday dinners etc. 

Basically stovies can be made with whatever, but you must start off with the basics before you start adding whatever you would like into it, so thinking off trying it well here is a little recipe that can get you going.

I honestly urge anyone who has never had Stovies before to try them, you will not be disapointed and on top of that its cheap as hell to make. So enjoy your stovies! I know i will.


dawn moffat said...

well Benji thats not the way I make stovies I have always made mine with cornbeef onion and of course potatoes but then as you already know I don't like them myself lol but I have decided when you guys come back over to Scotland to see me and your dad and sis I will make you's Stovies the way they are made here but as the receipt says there is no right or wrong way of making them as it is different everywhere and the ways you's make it it's more of a stew than the way we do it.

Ben said...

Yea idd, but they're still totally awsome.. I mean anyone whos not at least tried stovies is missing out :D