Saturday, 23 June 2012


Well as most people were aware yesterday was Midsommar here in Nordic land, and for once since i moved over to Sweden we were actually twins free. Normally it ends up with it being our weekend every year but this year was different so the boys got picked up by their dad at around 12:00 yesterday.
But before they left to go and spend the holiday with their dad we all sat down outside and had some amazing cake that Marie had baked that morning.
Sorry about the quality, don't know what she did when taking the picture.
I have to admit, i'm not normally one for eating cake. I don't know why and i'm aware that is indeed very strange for someone not to like cake all that much but hey that's just how i am, but saying that i really enjoyed this cake and there is nothing better than eating some Swedish Strawberries in the summer!

But shortly after eating the awesome cake the boys set off and we got to sit back and spend the whole day relaxing with some nice cold beer.
Nothing beats some Mariestad Export!
It was so nice to just sit back and relax for a change, without having to take the kids up to the little festival type thing they have up the road, not that it bothers me going up since it's the Swedish Tradition and well the kids should experience it but i just find it a tad boring and watching grown adults dancing around a big pole singing what can only be described as silly songs is more disturbing than entertaining.

But not only did i end up with nice cold beers but for the first time this year we fired up the BBQ and all i can say is OMG i have missed firing up the grill and cooking some tasty meat!

Just look at that tasty meat cooking away, i'm aware our grill looks a bit rusty underneath but that's what happens when your a idiot like i am and leave it standing out over the winter :( Still lucky for us that was the only part that got rusted and after a bit of elbow grease from Marie the rest of it came up nice and shiny.

And well this was what i ended up with for my Midsommar meal, and what can i say about it..... The meat just melted in your mouth and the potatoes that Marie made were orgasmic in your mouth, i swear i have never tasted potatoes that were so good!

To end our Midsommar day we sat around in the livingroom with our daughter Mikaela and watching a few good movies, Mikaela didn't like nearly any of them but i did so that's all that matters eh ;) You know what teenagers are like and they're taste in music/movies etc.

But i hope everyone else enjoyed their day as much as i did yesterday and as for today, well i still have a few beers left so i think they will be drunk later on and the rest of the day will be spent relaxing!

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Joakim said...

Wow, I actually found somebody else who don't like cake!! Skål for that :-)

Enjoyed reading your post. I'm writing a blog about being a father in Norway, check it out if you'd like!