Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not So Bad Today!

I think yesterday had to be the worst day for me ever, it could have had something to do with the fact that in total i think i had gotten about 2 hours worth of sleep before the alarm bells on my phone began to chime and it was time to head out for work.
So on top of having raging toothache from the night before i had to then do a 9 hour shift as well, let me just say it was not fun. I don't think there was ever a time since i started 2 weeks ago that i just wanted to stay home, curl up in a ball and just die.

So last night before bed i decided to do the smart thing, take some tablets so that i wouldn't have to be faced with getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning to fight the most horrid pain known to man and it seemed to have worked, i still felt tired this morning for whatever reason but not half as bad as i did yesterday that is for sure!

But today turned into a great day, i spent pretty much the whole morning burning around the basement on the truck with stuff attached the back like dirty laundry and trash which was really a bucket load of fun, i have managed to get myself up to having 3 trailers behind the truck which is the most we are allowed to take so that i'm impressed about although i have to nearly slow down to a stop just to get around the corner without taking the corner with me but oh well i'm sure things will come it is after all only my first day doing it.
The rest of the day has been pretty much spent running around the hospital and moving stuff around which is always fun, makes me actually get a workout and i think in this whole process that i'm actually beginning to loose some weight again which can't be a bad thing i have to say.

But now i'm back home and starving, not to mention my feet are smelling like hazardous materials so i think i better head off and grab a shower and get some food into me before i pass out!

So until next time, which will probably be the weekend since i'm always to knackered to come home and sit down and write anything, Hope you have had a great day!

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