Saturday, 9 June 2012

It's The Weekend!!!

Well finally the weekend is here and all i can say is "OUCH" my full body is in full shut down mode, i thought last weekend was bad after my first week working but this week has been 10x worse. The work has been really fun and i'm still loving every second of it but my body is in so much pain that i'm unsure if it can withstand anymore. When i tried getting out of bed this morning i'm pretty sure i felt like i was ready to collapse again, the pain that went through my legs was unbelievable.
I know it's because i have spent the last 6 years sitting around the couch watching TV and playing games and my muscles ain't used to this type of hard labour but OMG does it hurt!

Got to say though the week went flying by, probably helped by the fact i only actually worked 4 days this week due to the Swedish National Day, but the work was actually really fun too, i got to try out someone else's job that works there since he was on holiday for a week which involved transporting patients to different parts of the hospital and i got to say it's something i would probably like to do on a full time basis, some of the people you meet are amazing! They really brighten up your day, and you get to have really weird but interesting conversations with them.

But the normal guy is back next week, so i'm guessing i'll be going back to my doing everything i can find roll, which is fun since it's still never the same thing everyday and even though i'm all for consistency and i love to have certain things to do at certain times, the fact i know i'm coming in to god knows what really makes it exciting to go to work, yea i know i'm weird i'm probably one of a handful of people that actually enjoys heading into work :P Funny thing is i never used to be like that, the thought of getting up and going to work was really depressing and you know the thing like when your off work you wished you were working but when you are working you wished you didn't have a job, well so far i haven't had that thought.

I think it had to do alot with the people that i work with as well, because they have really accepted me into the group, and we are able to have a really good laugh while getting the job done at the same time, which i think is really important. Alot of the times in my previous job it would be all work and no play and we all know that makes for a very dull time.

But it's the weekend and i was planning on cutting the grass today (trying to keep the grass cut on a regular basis this year) but the lovely Swedish weather has decided to go away and leave us with a massive amount of rain, so i'm guessing that idea is going on the "oh well list" So today i think i will just chill out since we are totally kids free, maybe take a bath, play some computer games and then chill out with Marie :)

So until next time... have a great weekend!


mum said...

really pleased that you are really enjoying the job xx

Ben said...

Yea i am, just really knackered by the end of the week and i'm pretty sure my body is telling me that it hates me! :P

mum said...

your legs and body will get use to it really will just give it another few weeks and your body will say what have you been moaning about I can handle anything now that you throw at me also really really glad your loving being back out there in the job world again xxx