Saturday, 2 June 2012

First Week On The Job!

Well as most of you know already, on Monday there i started my 3 month "praktikplats" at the local hospital in Lidköping as a Janitor/Caretaker type person, and i have to say although it was something that was not exactly my ideal job i absolutely love it.
I don't know if it's because i have been unemployed for so long (close to 7 years) but either way just the though of going up in the morning and getting ready and heading off to work just makes me get all happy, i'm unsure if Marie is enjoying me going to work since all she wants to do is sit and not speak and relax before work where i'm like all hyped up and ready to get cracking but either way it's brilliant.

So i basically thought i would let you all know how it's been going, Monday was fairly easy day being that it was my first day and all i really did was follow people around and get shown the ropes as to the different jobs that the guys down in the basement do but as the week progressed i got to do alot more interesting stuff and start doing things on my own which was pretty awsome.

The people that i am working with are just awsome, not all of them i must say there is one or two guys that i have followed around who i have to say make the day drag on more than anything but the rest of them are just awsome, when i'm with them the day honestly just goes so fast that it feels like i have walked into the place and then walked straight back out of it, and hell who doesn't want a day like that eh?
Not to mention on top of doing all different types of jobs that i would normally have probably thought would be boring which have turned out to be pretty fun, i'm surrounded by Swedish people who THANK THE HIGH HEAVENS! speak absolutely NO ENGLISH! or if they can, they never speak a word of it, this i am the most thankful for i think. Having to be forced to speak the Swedish language and knowing that the only reply i will ever get is in Swedish is just amazing and makes going out to work even better, even if i don't understand some of the things they come out with i can normally pick up enough of what they have said to be able to translate the words i don't understand on my own, so on top of going out and learning a new job and different aspects of what they do, i'm also increasing my vocabulary in the Swedish language and finding myself getting alot more confident in my own.

But the week has not gone by without a few bumps and scrapes i have to say, in only one week working their i have managed to completely bruise my whole right arm which right now is hurting like hell and a few cuts here and there but hey it's the life of a hard working person i guess.

I'm just hoping that next week will be just as fun, i'm guessing next week i'm going to have to start taking my own initiative but we shall see, either way it's an amazing feeling to get up in the morning and to know that today i won't be sitting on my ass at home playing computer games and watching TV and that instead of that i will be going out of the door and heading to work for a full days graft.
Nothing beats it i must say!

But i think that is all for today, even though i'm off today and i was planning on just sitting around and playing games i have noticed that the grass is looking a wee bit long again, so i'm going to have a nice cup of tea, perhaps some breakfast and then head outside to get the grass cut :)

So hope everyone else had a awsome week and that you have an amazing weekend! I know i have and will!

So until next time....


mum said...

I'm really pleased that you are really enjoying the job and all the different challenges that are being thrown at you I hope everything really keeps going well for you and may you continue to enjoy it xxx

Deborah McConnell said...

I can understand your excitement, joy and the good ol feeling you're doing something. I've been unemployed for almost 4 years now. Not only is it hard to find the ideal job, but it's even harder to find someone that will hire you after such a long break of being unemployed. Congrats of getting back to work, I am glad your adjusting well and enjoying it.

Happy for you!

Ben said...

Hey there Deb, and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, it certainly is hard getting back into employment after a long break, not only was that a challenge but the fact i moved over to another country, so i've had the language to deal with on top of everything else, but things seem to be moving along.
This is only a 3 month practice job which ends in 3 months time, but they have said that their is a chance that they may keep me on after it if i do well, so currently i'm keeping my head down and getting stuck in about the job while trying to be as social with everyone as possible :)

Thanks again for the lovely comment

Ben said...

Hey mum and thanks, i am really enjoying and hoping that it will continue past my 3 month time period. I finally got word from the Job Centre and i am entitled to money, so i need to send in a form at the end of each month to the people that give out the money letting them know how much i've worked etc and then they will pay me, so guess it's time i get my finger out and get a Swedish ID and then a Bank Account sorted out :)

mum said...

Thats good Son glad at last these things are at last turning in your favour its about time so I didn't answer you before now but I'm really and totally happy for you and hope this will go past your three month period keeping my fingers crossed for you keep up the good work and yes its time to get your finger out and get your Swedish ID and your bank account :P