Sunday, 27 May 2012

Small Break Perhaps?

If you recall i made a post on Monday promptly titled "The Waiting Game..." which spoke about me finally getting myself a praktikplats (Basically a practice job for anyone who doesn't quite understand what it is) but i was having to sit and wait for the local job centre to make their decision if i would get to do it or not.

So last week up until Thursday i pretty much rang them up everyday in the hope that it would make them get their finger out of their backsides and come to a final conclusion, but apparently it was not the actual job centre that was holding it up but instead the company i have got the place with's union, from what i can gather from the conversations i had with my job centre representative they have to tell the job centre if they are able to take on someone and then need to make sure that the person getting the place is not taking anyone else's job or a summer job etc (Some strange law prohibits a company taking on someone on a praktikplats if their is summer jobs available).
It was quite stupid since the people i had went to visit down at the hospital where i would be working had already contacted their union and double and triple checked that there would be no issues and that they were infact allowed, but obviously the job centre cannot take my word or the people i would be working with either and have to check themselves, which is totally understandable.

But finally on Friday i got the phone call i had been waiting for all day, i had pretty much given up on the idea of actually getting a call on Friday after about 14:30 since well most Swedish people don't like to work that long on a Friday because well it's FRIDAY! and especially with the current weather we have been having i could safely say i would rather spend all of my time sitting outside and relaxing in the warm weather that working away in some office :)
However the call came in and the words i wanted to hear were spoken  "You have been approved for the praktikplats!, and can start on Monday if you want" Apparently the paperwork hasn't yet been fully completed but they have heard back from the union and it was all go, so my job centre rep had spoken to her colleagues and asked that even though the paperwork had not been completed would it be ok for me to start on Monday anyways? to which the response was yea sure why not.

So from tomorrow my long long long time of unemployment finally comes to a end, sure it's only a 3 month position but there is a good chance that if i get stuck in and keep my head down, and basically say "I'll do that!" to anything needing done, then i have a good chance of being employed by them, which would be amazing!

Sure this means that my summer is officially over today, there will be no days sitting outside relaxing in the lovely weather and watching the kids have fun and generally be a pain in the ass (Well not Monday to Friday at least, i'm off at the weekends of course) and it means when Marie breaks off for her 3 weeks holiday she will be spending it alone with our daughter, but you know what sacrifices must be made and this is just one of them, even though i'm going to miss spending all day outside watching the kids play and stuff and just generally enjoying life all summer, it's really such a great feeling to know that from tomorrow i'll be back to working, and after 7 years of unemployment i absolutely cannot wait!

Of course i'm scared out my wits about things that are stupid like i hope i don't make that many mistakes, and that i hope i can understand everything they say and things like that but you know what life is about taking risks, i took a massive one moving over here in the first place but you only live life once and you got to live it to the max, and if i make a mistake then so what i'll learn from it and hopefully i'll be able to show these guys that i'm a hard working and dedicated person who they will want to employ as well as get to know!

But what does this mean for blogging? Well my current working hours will be the standard Monday to Friday (7am - 4pm) and by the time i come home it will be almost 5pm Swedish time so the chances of me actually coming home and sitting on the computer to write up a blog post is pretty slim, but i am going to try my damn hardest to make it all work!

But my freedom is officially over and i have to say it feels good!

So until next time, whenever that may be, i hope you have all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead! I know mines is certainly going to be interesting!

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