Monday, 21 May 2012

Playing The Waiting Game...

So the other week infact the day Kaeshan arrived here in Sweden for his few days visit, as i arrived home i got a phone call from Marie who was at work, saying that she had spoken to the Janitor company that works inside the hospital. They basically deal with things like picking up the dirty laundry and taking the clean stuff back along with the post and other things like that.
She had tried a month ago or something along those lines trying to get me a summer job with them, but seeing as i don't have a driving licence they were unable to help me, but she had enquired to see if they would be interested or able to take me on a Praktikplats (Practice Job basically) and well the day Kaeshan arrived she was walking by them when she was shouted upon and informed that if i wanted a praktikplats then they would be more than happy to take me on for 3 months.

This was absolutely fantastic news!!!! or at least so i thought....

So Marie arranged for me to go in the day after Kaeshan left (Last Tuesday) to have the paperwork for the Job Centre filled out and get the ball rolling on it, but apparently things are not as easy as this in Sweden, or infact any Nordic Country.
After meeting up with the people who will be giving me the praktikplats and meeting another few people that i would have the pleasure of working with, i headed off down to the local job centre (by the way this is a 20 minute walk from the hospital to the job centre) to then be told by the Job Centre that i had not filled in the form correctly and that i would have to go all the way back up to the hospital and have the parts that were missed filled in.

So off i went, i have to say i wasn't best pleased about having to take another 20 minute walk up and then back down but needs must as they say, it was a chance of a job or at least a job for 3 months with the opportunity of gaining employment after it, so once i got back to the hospital and got the stuff filled in and took another 20 minute walk down the chap the job centre then informed me that i had missed out something else, that they had not told me to get filled in.. By this time i was not best pleased and informed him that i would much rather speak to my old handler instead of him, so off he went and sure enough she came back and said that i didn't need to fill it in at all and that they would do that part themselves, i can't tell you the sigh of relief that came over me when she told me that.

I thought that once i had filled in the form, that they would just look over it and then make a decision if i was allowed it or not, but nooooo..... that would be far to simple, instead they have to make phone calls and make a decision if i'm allowed this praktik or not, which in my opinion is absolutely ridiculous since it was them that told me to go out and find one if i was unable to find a proper job. But now i have they have to make sure if i'm allowed to take this one or not.

So i got a call on Friday from my new handler who informed me that she was unable to get in touch with anyone there and that she would try again on Monday (meaning today) now that's great except if she was able to get someone on Friday then i could have started today, but alas it was not meant to be so now i have to sit here and play the waiting game hoping that she phones me with a yes you are allowed and then i'll be able to start my 3 month praktik which would be awsome, since there is a chance to get a job out of it!

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