Thursday, 3 May 2012

It's That Time Of The Year

Well it seems that Sweden has finally come to that time of the year again, yes i'm talking about the hot weather. Granted it's not as hot as it will become but it's getting there, and with that comes my most hated task in the world, infact this task makes me wish we lived back in town in the old apartment building we used to live in when i first moved over here.

What task is this that i am talking about?
The dreaded task of cutting the grass, i don't know about you guys but this is the only thing in the world that i hate more than trying to hoover a rug when you have a Siberian Husky as a pet. Not only does it take close to a hour to cut our grass, but by the time i have finished and especially in this heat i feel like i am ready to pass out.
Although once i have finished with it and look over our lawn, it is awsome to see how it looks. But the actual task itself, the only words that springs to mind is "Soul Destroying".

Normally the gods of weather here in Sweden, like to play evil tricks on me. Like "hey Ben look it's nice and sunny outside go outside and cut the grass", so i do and then the very next day it then says to me "hey Ben look at that nice cut grass, guess what? it's going to start raining in less than 5 seconds" which means it will begin to grow even faster than it did and i have to go out in a week and do it again. It's just evil i tell you!

But it's done for the first time this year and i guess i should be happy, it was fairly long so it didn't get the cut that i would like and this means that at some point next week i'm going to have to go out again and give it another going over to get it nice and short and then i'm going to try and make a concious effort to try and go out at least every other week and cut it again keeping it nice and short.
I have tried this for the last 4 years that we have been out here, but it doesn't normally go to plan and i end up cutting long grass again and hating myself for not keeping it short and thus making it really easy to cut.

But at least it's sunny and i'm hoping that it stays as this is the weather that will allow me to get outside and away from the computer for a bit here and there and just sit out the back in the nice heat and read my books that i have been once more neglecting (I still blame Marie for this, since she refuses to let me read in bed!).

But for now i think that is all, i hope your having a great week so far! So until next time.....


Peter McCormack said... - Read em on your phone :D not optimal, but it works

Ben said...

Hehe thanks Peter, but i have the actual books sitting here. Just been lazy reading :)