Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Our Night Out Adventure..

I have been now living in Sweden almost 6 years this coming July and believe it or not but in that whole 6 years i have not once set foot inside a local pub or nightclub. If i'm totally honest the reason is that i'm not much for going out, i find it alot more enjoyable asking a few friends to come around to the house and just sitting out the back and enjoying a nice cold beer and a good laugh, without having to deal with the idiots that you normally find out in pubs and clubs.

But seeing as Kaeshan had come through from the UK, Marie decided that it would be a good idea to go out one night and have something to eat before heading onto a pub.
Let's just say, that was a adventure.

As most people are aware i am originally from Scotland, and well normally when i venture out in Scotland especially on a Friday or Saturday night you are guaranteed that the establishment is going to be that full that A) You cannot hear a single word each other is saying and B) You probably can't move without banging into someone or something. But out here in Lidk√∂ping i have never seen a pub so empty in all my life.
Now that could say something about the Scots more than it does about my local town here in Sweden, but either way i have blown away at how empty it was.
Marie had said that by 23:00/00:00 the place would be packed or at least there would be a good amount of people in the pub, however it didn't happen. Sure more people came but i wouldn't even compare it to anything i have ever seen in the UK. Perhaps it's because most people only come out to enjoy themselves at pay day or whatever i have no idea, it was however just rather disappointing.

However later on in the evening, things became rather strange and by strange i mean people who were in the nightclub section of the pub really began to worry me.

There is a mirrored wall that is right next to where the bar is, so myself, Marie & Kaeshan are sitting having a good laugh and a drink, when out the corner of my eye i noticed some guy standing at this mirrored wall on his own with his drinks placed on the little ledge that was in front of mirrored wall, now you might be thinking to yourself so what? Well he wasn't just standing there having a drink he was standing looking into the mirror and having a full blown out conversation with himself, normally i try and not stare at people especially when im in a nightclub or a pub because you never know how people will react, but i couldn't take my eyes off this guy, it was quite possibly one of the strangest things i have ever witnessed in my entire 29 years of being on earth (Yes! I used to live in space!) I mean seriously i thought he was completely demented, but he had come up to me earlier in the night and asked me to watch his slot machine because he had money in it and was needing to go and use the bathroom so i knew from talking to him earlier that he seemed at least semi-sane. It only got worse because not long after he decided to go away 2 more guys did the exact same thing. I actually began to wonder if there was some sort of trick and there was someone behind the glass they were having a conversation with, but Kaeshan decided he would go and investigate and found that the glass was infact solid and that nobody was actually standing on the other side to talk to, so out of the very few people that was in the nightclub we had 3 guys who enjoyed having a drink and talking to themselves in a mirror and a elderly woman who must have been in her early to late 60's who was sitting in a nightclub at 00:00 in the morning playing a slot machine.

However even though we seemed to be surrounded with not quite sane people we still managed to have a great night, Kaeshan did what he always does and was making his 5 fingers talk to my face alot, which by the way really hurts! and then after a short period decided that biting Marie's head would be a good idea, i have no idea what this biting of the head is all about but from what i can gather it's his way of showing affection lol.

Not only did we have a great night but Kaeshan even managed to make a new friend, we had noticed that on a board it stated happy hour finished at 11pm, so Kaeshan being him decided to go and ask the bartender if that was Swedish time or UK time, yes he was trying to get us cheap drinks and it worked, we didn't get it for the happy hour price but we only had to pay 10kr extra which was pretty damn cheap, i think the bartender had a little thing for him i'm not sure, but he kept looking over to us and sticking up his thumbs in the gesture "Is it good??" not only did he give us cheap drinks, Marie managed to get him to bring us over 3 shots for nothing since she decided to clear all the glasses off our table and take them over to him which was awsome.

Can't actually remember what was in the drink, Zambooka and Sprite is all i can recall but either way it was a damn good drink and made a nice change from drinking beer all the time!

So although i was surrounded by strange people and getting worried that the bartender had a thing for my friend it was a fantastic night out! I'm hoping next time i am able to head over to London and spend a few days over there with Kaeshan and he can show me the wonders of going out in London, something i have never done before :)

But until next time have a great day folks!


Sephira said...

haha hubs always has to bite people! Anyway, sounds like a cozy night a part from the creepers talking to themselves in the bar :P

Tigerparrow018 said...

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