Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What's Been Happening

So what has been happening over the last few days with me that has caused me to write pretty much nothing, infact i pretty much wrote nothing the whole month of April.
The only reason for this is that nothing much has been happening over here in the world of The Angry Scot, it's probably due to the fact that i recently realised i live a pretty boring lifestyle, but heh! it's my lifestyle and i have grown quite attached to it.

But i had a pretty decent weekend if i have to admit, Friday night included me being left home alone, well i wasn't totally alone my daughter was upstairs in her bedroom but seeing as she is a teenager and i think i seen her a grand total of about 2 times the whole night i might as well have been.
The reason i was left to fend for myself was because my fiancĂ©e Marie had went out with all her work mates to celebrate a friend of hers who works their passing some medical thing that she had been working on, don't ask me what it was because i have no idea i just know it was medical since well she works in the hospital. So they had all decided that they would go out on Friday for a nice meal followed up by a good drinking session.

So when the phone started ringing at 01:20 on Saturday morning i was pretty shocked to hear that it was Marie on the other end of the phone, i was staying up that night to wait for her to come in anyway so it wasn't like she woke me up or anything but i hadn't been expecting to see or hear from her until at least 02:30 that morning. But then she informed me that the friend that they had all gone out with had gotten a little bit to drunk and her husband had to come and pick her up and take her home. Hey i guess she was out partying so she was entitled to do so.

However then i find out that all her work mates had decided to go to a house party of one of the girls that was their, they had offered Marie to come along but well Marie is not the one for partying all night long and she had wanted to come home to me and her own bed (Between you and me! she probably wanted to come home to her bed more than to me lol) But she then informed me that because she had rejected their offer and their offer to stay over at one of their houses that night that she was now left at 01:30 in town on her own, i mean seriously? Who in their right mind leaves a woman at 01:30 in the morning to sit at a bus stop and wait for a bus in the pitch black of night, where drunken fools are walking around.
Safe to say i was not at all pleased and decided that i would phone Marie back and sit on the phone with her until her bus had arrived, i know i wouldn't have been able to do anything even if something did happen (Thank god it didn't and she was fine) but still, at least i knew that she was ok while i was on the call.

45 minutes in total i sat speaking to her on the phone before her bus arrived and it probably cost a fortune to do so as well but i don't really care, i just honestly cannot believe that work colleagues would just leave her sitting out in the middle of town on her own at that time of the morning when anything could happen, it just really confuses me, but she got home safe and sound and that is all that matters at the end of the day, but from what i can gather it seems this will be her last trip out with her work mates if this is the way they are going to treat her.
Sure they offered her to spend the night on one of their sofa's and i had said to her that she should have accepted it but she didn't want to and i can understand that as well, but they could have at least had the decency to wait with her until her bus had arrived, but i guess some people are just ignorant and don't think especially with a belly full of alcohol.

But in the end everything turned out fine i guess so i should be happy, and the rest of the weekend? Well we had no kids in the house so it turned into a nice cosy weekend spent with my true love, so can't be all that bad.

So until next time! I hope you all have a great week!

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