Wednesday, 16 May 2012

We Finally Met.

Well now that things are sort of back to normal, after what i can only call a truly amazing few days i thought it was about time to get back to blogging and tell you about all the adventures we got up to while Kaeshan was over here in Sweden visiting myself and Marie.

I think in my whole life i have had about a handful of what i would call "Amazing Birthdays" and i would have to put the one i just had up there in the top 3, having Kaeshan over for his visit was something that was always in the making for about 4 years + now and finally it happened and not only did it happen it happened the day before my birthday which made it even more special than it normally already is for me.

We had such a great time, or at least myself and Marie did, can't really comment on what Kaeshan though. But just having the opportunity to spend a few days with someone that i had been talking with online for 4 years + was absolutely fantastic in my opinion. But how to describe him?

Well to sum him up in one word: Entertaining

I mean it's not like i was expecting anything different as i already had a good idea of his sense of humour and how he words things etc but spending 4 days listening to him honestly cracked me up so much that at times i thought my sides would burst open in the laughter, it's not exactly what he comes out with that keeps me so amused but the way he words things. I mean he is a very intelligent person so when he comes out with witty remarks you can't help but find it hysterical, or well at least i can't.
I just wished i could share some of the stories that he did with us, but i think that most if not all of them are probably rather inappropriate for most of the people that come on and read the blog. But if i could i'm pretty sure that you would all find it rather amusing to say the least.

It was just a pity that it was only a 4 day event, and it was quite sad to see him leave, but i'm more than sure this is not the final time we will ever meet as i am hoping at some point either at the end of this year or start of next to fly over to London where he is now staying to spend a few days over there.
But the 4 days that we had over here consisted of alot of whisky, beer, a massive amount of humour and some really fun new experiences.
I knew before Kaeshan came that he was into role playing games, and up until his arrival it was always something i wanted to try out but where we live in not exactly filled with people who are in to that sort of thing, so when he came over here showed me the ropes on a online version of one of the games he plays and i got to say it was absolutely amazing, it's honestly something i could see myself doing on a weekly basis with a group of friends, so i really can't wait to head over there to try it out for real, since he has alot of friends over there that do that as well.

But i think i will leave it there for now, i'll have another few posts coming out over there next few days that will continue with what happened while he was over here including not only his first Swedish Bar Experience but also mines, since in 6 years of living here i have not been out drinking ever, but seeing as Kaeshan was over we decided to do it, and of course i'll be writing a post about how awsome my Birthday was.

But until then, have a great day folks!

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