Friday, 22 June 2012

Great Day Ahead!

Well i know i promised more blog posts through the week and i have let you guys down with that, but all i can say is sorry, but i thought i would try and make the effort today and put one out!

So what has been happening? Well pretty much the same thing really been going to work all week and getting stuck in, my fiancée Marie spoke to my boss the other day and decided she would probe him a little and see if she could get any information out of him about how i was doing or at least how he thought i was doing, since he is not one for just throwing out compliments when someone is doing a good job and from what he has said it seems he likes me and thinks that i'm doing a awesome job which is very nice to hear i think you could agree. Especially since as i said he hasn't said anything to me, but my train of thought on that is that if he doesn't say anything it means i'm doing good and i should only worry if he starts complaining about things.

Yesterday however was an absolutely amazing day, infact probably the best day i had in a long time. Firstly i got invited out by all my work mates for lunch which was awesome, we had some nice chicken and fresh potatoes in a pepper sauce which was absolutely fantastic followed up by a really sweet desert which i have no idea what it was called, but it tasted good so i guess that is all that matters, and it was just nice to go out with people who ain't Marie and the kids if you know what i mean, not that i don't like going out with Marie and the kids but sometimes, just sometimes you need to get away from your family and spend time talking to other adults that doesn't include conversations like what are we going to have for dinner and other family related events.
I then followed up that amazing dinner by going to get my haircut, but that was not before i nearly ran down Marie in the basement at work lol, yea i was kind of behind on some stuff because we have this new guy in for the summer and well he messed crap up and put us way behind on collecting the trash & dirty washing so i was still zooming around the basement collecting and emptying trash and taking the big trailers back to where they should sit, so as i was flying down one of the corridors Marie decided to open the door to the changing room she was in, i didn't hit her or the door but if she had taken a few more steps out she would have been road kill. NOTE TO NURSES: Open door slowly when you know there is trucks driving around the basement haha.

And then to end the day! Well i came home and decided it would be a cool idea to go outside in the back garden and play a bit of football (Soccer to my American Readers) with the kiddies, it wasn't planned but they were all out the back playing so i thought i would join in.. 
I can only say one thing... Even though i'm working i'm soooo out of shape lol. After about 15 minutes of running around the garden with the kids i felt like i was going to pass out lol! I had to get Maximus who was on my team to go out and play so that i could just stand and be the goalkeeper. But the kids seemed to enjoy the fact i was out with them playing, something i really should be doing alot more often.

And today.. Well that will be a new post for tomorrow but it's Midsummer over here in Nordic land, so i have the day off and the weather is amazing outside so we shall see, so until tomorrow! Have a fantastic day!


mum said...

brilliant blog really pleased you are finally settling back into this way of life and by the sounds of things you are now starting to feel human again instead of just doing day to day things really please for you Son keep up the good work and really looking forward to you guy's coming over to us in August :-)

Ben said...

Life could not be better right now, well it could be and they could employ me full time (that's not going to happen :P) but it would make things be awesome! But i'm loving it and feeling 10x better within myself, just being part of something and feeling like everyone around me enjoys my company and is happy for me being there just makes everything even better. Not to mention having people outside of family to speak to!

mum said...

never say never if something comes a long I'm sure they will offer you a full time job just keep doing a good job and do everything your asked and keep being positive and am sure it will turn out in your favour and also whats not to like about you your my boy and everyone likes my no1 Son and happy that your enjoying getting involved with different people outside the family keep it up I'm so so proud of you xxx