Saturday, 16 June 2012

I Felt So Guilty!

I expected yesterday to be a good day, it was Friday after all and that means END OF THE WEEK! and to top it off Sweden was going to play against England in the football, so when i got up yesterday i was like YES what a awsome day ahead of me! Work and then home to cut the grass followed up by a night of quality football, well my day didn't quite go as i planned and my morning at work turned into a disaster.

You might all be thinking what the hell happened that made you think it was a disaster and made your day so bad?

Well i was on trash duty, hell i'm always on trash duty but since i got my new shoes on Monday there i was now allowed to collect the trash that i would be disposing off in the small work trucks we have, they're little 3 wheel things that don't go very fast but are really fun to whirl around the basement of the hospital in, or hell at least i think it is!

Well i had collected the first set of trash bins and attached them to the back of the truck and had went away down and emptied them in the big machine that we use and on the way back to put the empty containers back in their places i turned the corner to find my boss with a bunch of trailers that we use to transport clean and dirty laundry in.

So being smart i decided to stop the truck and said to him "It's cool, i'll wait. Carry on" to which he replied with "Kör bara" (Translated to "Just drive") now if you can picture a semi narrow hallway and on the left hand side you have the elevator that takes you up to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ward and then just a few inches up the wall you have one of those big fire extinguisher hoses that sit on the wall.

Well the one that sits on the wall is encased in some sort of mounted unit that has doors on it, basically so it doesn't look messy i guess but oh well, i did i was instructed by my boss and put my foot on the accelerator and began to drive forward, keep in mind that i had 2 big massive trash containers on the back one of them being a gigantic metal one and the other a fairly decent sized plastic one.
But as i put my foot down on the accelerator and began to move forward i heard the dreaded sound "CRASH" and i knew exactly what had happened.. my heart sunk.

As i looked around all i could see was this big metal cupboard that houses the hose half of the wall and the pipe that sends the water to the hose half way out and twisted to hell.

You could imagine the first thing that came out my mouth was "F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  i think i screamed this word about 100 times, before finally i snapped out of it with my boss saying "Ben, it's fine mate. Don't worry about it! It happens to everyone"

I think i spent the whole morning and pretty much full afternoon feeling guilty as hell, since the day before my boss has said to me "Your doing a awesome job driving those trucks, you have really got the hang of it." and now here i was smashing a big trailer into our fire extinguisher and about ripping it off the wall.

Safe to say by the 2nd Coffee Break we have at 14:30 we were all sitting outside and having a good laugh and they were all exchanging their crash stores, but i just felt so guilty all day i mean i felt like i had let my boss and team down. I knew it was the wrong move to attempt to drive the truck past, but at the same time my boss had told me to drive, so what was i supposed to do. Safe to say this was my first and i hope last crash i ever make but i have learned to take it a bit easy.

But now i have got a new nickname at work "Kör Bara" (Just Drive) and i'm pretty sure it's something that i will never get to forget.

But i think that is all for today, i am going to try and make an attempt tomorrow to sit down and write up a few posts so that i can just release them as the days go on :)

So until next time i hope your Friday was alot better than mines was, and remember when your boss tells you "Just Drive!" don't listen to him haha.

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