Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day Off!

Well just like the title states above, today i have a day off work since today is the Swedish National Day. Up until now i pretty much didn't even know it existed i'm pretty sure that my fiancée Marie has probably told me about it every year but seeing as i was always off work it was not something that i really paid much attention to.
But now that i'm working YEEEHAAAA for Swedish National Day.

So instead of having to get up at 5am this morning and getting ready for work, i got to wake up when i wanted to and now get to spend the day with the family, well minus our oldest daughter Mikaela, who will be spending the day in town since she has some majorettes thing to do today, but she will be home later on this afternoon.

I have to say i think today will  be a nice day, for some reason yesterday i was in a huge amount of pain in both my hands and legs and for some reason no matter what i tried (even had like 6 cups of black coffee) i could not wake up at all, so yesterday i pretty much spent the whole day walking around the hospital yawning my head off every 30 seconds lol.

I have no idea what we shall do today, probably just sit around and try and take it easy since our lovely Swedish sun has decided to abandon us these last few days and give us nothing but rain, damn you sun!! but even though we probably won't get up to all that much it's nice to have a free day off work, i know your probably thinking "Dude, you have had like 7 years off work" and your right, i would probably rather be working but my body is enjoying the fact it won't have to carry anything or pull anything around today hehe.

But i think i'll go and start my nice relaxing day so until next time! If your Swedish have a awsome National Day! and if your not... well ..... HAHA enjoy your day working! :)


mum said...

To make you happy over here is not so Sunny Scotland I got up to it pouring down with rain too and according to the weatherman we have it for the next 4days or so :-)So I thought I would make you smile knowing we have rain also lol :-)

Ben said...

Haha well it's not raining today but it's not really hot either ;)

Cami said...

Enjoy your day off! :)