Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So i haven't actually had a really good rant in a while, so i decided that i would have to change that and low and behold when i login to Facebook in the morning to check on what's been happening with all my friends and family i'm faced with the same stupid and self obsessed messages like always.

I get that some people like to broadcast their whole life on this thing, hell i do it most of the time to. But normally when i post it's about happy things and stuff the kids have done that's made me giggle, and then on occasions i write a few things here and there about why this and that sucks so bad! But when i login and all i see is the same messages from the same people i get the massive urge to want to click the delete friend button.
You might be wondering what sort of messages make me want to delete people from my facebook? Well simply the ones that you see on a daily basis complaining over and over and over again about how much their lives suck and why is life so hard, i mean seriously!!!

Is really that bad? Is the whole world really against you and wishes that you didn't exist? 

Or is the bottom line your sitting at home bored out your face with nothing to do so instead you think it's a better idea to spam the hell out of your Facebook wall about how terrible your life really is without even saying why it actually sucks? 
What is it for? Attention, congratulations you got my attention and it's telling me delete this person from your friends list.

Don't get me wrong life can be tough, hell my life is no bag of roses and days i feel like crawling up into a little ball somewhere and just lying there, but do i run to my Facebook page and spam it like crazy about how crap life can be? No.. I look for ways to change it, look for ways to improve it and then before i even do that i take a second and look at the wall in my livingroom and see the pictures of my 3 amazing kids who although drive me completely and utterly loopy and make me want to visit a asylum and realise "Hey, you know what life ain't that bad after all"

I think what makes it worse is that alot of time these comments are coming from young people, and i know i'm still young but i'm talking teenage to mid 20's, i mean life is just beginning so get a fricken grip and lay of with your stupid comments life ain't that bad, you have your health, you have your family and you have many many years to see why life can really suck.

Possibly alot of people will disagree with me, but trust me if you had some of the people i have on my Facebook page and read the comments on a daily basis, and i don't just mean once a day but quite a few times a day you would probably understand more, i could delete them from my profile, but some of them are pretty close to me so deleting them wouldn't be nice. Since even though they are driving me more insane than my children do they're still people i like.

But that's my rant for today, i am unsure if there will be a post tomorrow as i've got a few things planned but i will try my best. So until next time HAVE A GREAT DAY!


Mie said...

This must be the best and most true post you've ever made hun!!!! Love it!!!! <3 <3 <3

jetts31 said...

I shudder with disgust when those folks show up in my timeline. I'd rather read an update about what they had for lunch.

mum said...

I totally agree with your comments Son I've many time came very close to closing my facebook page I get so fed up reading the same comment on a daily bases from members on on my page quoting the same things if life is as bad has they make out get of your lazy backside instead of posting on fb and do sometime about it instead of bloody moaning to the world about it to see how many people giving them the sympathy they are looking for or wanting so hear to you for making a rant about it today

pammustard said...

Ah yes, the perpetual grumblings of the attention-starved. Makes me insane too! Great rant! And why are you called the angry scot when you have such a great attitide?!

HJ said...

You suck. This post is badly written, stylistically lacking and the point you are making isn't even coherent. How does the fact that you have three children effect other people? Perhaps if they had three children they would feel better about their lives. And as a FYI, no-one cares about what your kids do, only you find it funny, for everyone else its incredibly boring. Have a terrible day, you deserve it.