Sunday, 1 July 2012

No Imagination!

Not A Truer Word Spoken In My Opinion!
We were sitting outside yesterday as Marie was attempting to give Kaiser a good brushing before taking him into the shower and the boys were outside with us as well, but instead of running around the back garden like normal children do playing, they were both sitting around with us just watching.

I had said to them multiple times, that they should go out and just play and twice they did as they were instructed and headed out into the back garden but returned like 5 minutes later to be told the same thing. On the 3rd time i had to tell them to go out and play it occurred to me......
My children have no imagination........

Max: "I Have Things To Do, But You Won't Like Them"
I remember as a child going out and spending hours outside with friends playing Army's or playing on our bikes or whatever and just having a good time, and yet my two twin boys can't seem to even spend more than 5 minutes outside before they are bored and have nothing to do.
As i came to this conclusion i had turned around and said to Marie, "What the hell is up with our kids? They have literally no imagination" and she had then informed me that the other day she had said to them to go upstairs and play with the Lego that we have up their to which their reply was "But we have nothing to build"

Like seriously? you have nothing to build? It's LEGO and we have loads of it upstairs and you are telling me you have nothing to build, yet another prime example of no imagination.
Again this is something i remember sitting with for hours, building loads of random stuff, from castles to high tech ray guns and such likes and yet my 2 wee 6 year olds have literally nothing to build, what the hell is up with that?

"So the question is, is it just my children or has this generation of kids lost all forms of imagination?"
Alexander: "Life Is So Boring"
What is your opinion then? Have children of this generation lost all imagination, and if they has what is the true cause of it? Is it the parents fault? or is the fact that these days kids are only happy if they are sitting in front of a TV or playing a games console?
I would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject, personally i think it is technology that has destroyed our kids imagination, but then saying that i don't allow my children to sit in front of the TV or play game consoles all that much but still.

Drop me a comment and let's have a good discussion.


mum said...

personally I blame television and game console because nowaday kids don't know how to use there imagination because they are mosted likely to be clued to some sort of screen whether its a television/computer or a game console they seem to prefer this rather than having to use there imagination to grate objects or items to keep them happy thats my thought on it, this generation seem to have most things in life handed to them were when we were growing up we didn't have all these things so we had to make the most of it and to keep us from being bored we made up our own fun of things to do

mum said...

Also the parents have to take some responsibility to because to make life easier kids get most of the new technology equiptment that comes out so there for that don't need to use there imagination and it really does make you aware how much kids have things handed to them

ginavalley said...

Children, just like we adults, adapt to our situations. If you put your children in situations where they will need to use imagination, eventually they will develop it. If they are provided with constant entertainment, they will not.

Ben said...

Couldn't agree more with you Gina, i don't allow the kids to sit in front of the TV or any sort of console that often, once in a blue moon is fine, but i just don't understand why my kids have no imagination except on how to get up to stupid stuff they ain't meant to :(