Tuesday, 17 July 2012

We Saved The Ducks!

Not The Actual Ducks We Saved!
I think everyone knows by now how much i love my job and enjoy being back out in the working but yesterday something that happened that made me both happy and a bit sad.

My boss had received a call just after our lunch break by a woman who worked in the emergency ward to inform us that she had spotted baby ducks walking around in a part of the hospital that has no exit or entrance, what had happened was that the mother had flew over the hospital and decided to land and lay her eggs here, so we were asked if there was any way that we could go and get them all and take them back to the river that runs beside the hospital as they didn't have a chance at surviving where they were.

So off myself, my boss and another colleague of mines along with a chap from the hospital caretakers to take a look at where they were and make a plan of action as to how we were going to get them from where they were situated to the river just outside the hospital, eventually after 15 minutes of searching the grounds we managed to locate the 11 little ducklings but the mother was no where to be found.

The plan was to grab a box, try and pick them all up and get them out to the river and hope that by the time we returned or by the time we had caught them all that the mother would return so we could catch her and place them all together, however our plan didn't quite go that way.......

I unfortunately got called away to deal with another matter, but my boss, colleague and the caretaker who works for the hospital managed to pick all 11 up without a problem, but the mother.... well she was no where to be found, so we had 2 options: 
  1. Pick them all up and take them out to the river and hope that the mother located them quickly.
  2. Leave them and come back later and pray they hadn't died by that time.
We opted for the first one and by the time we came back out 30 minutes later to check up on them we couldn't see any of the poor wee ducklings at all, and then we seen it... A big gigantic crow sitting right in front of us with a poor wee duckling hanging out of it's mouth, and then out of the corner of my eye what do i see? But 3 little ducklings swimming around in the river having a blast of a time, i swear you could see them smile! So myself and my boss did everything we could to keep the stupid crows away before heading back in to see if the mother had returned.

It turned out she had and in the attempt to try and catch her she decided to fly up and over the hospital. Unfortunately by this time we were called away to handle other stuff but just before leaving for work yesterday we both popped out the back to see if we could see the 3 little ones that were having a whale of a time in the water and to our relief there was 3 little ducklings quacking away with their mother. Was pretty fun but at the same time i was pretty upset that we didn't manage to save them all!

So if you see any crows flying around throw stuff at them, because they are evil little things i tell you!

But until next time, i hope everyone is having a great week!  

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