Saturday, 14 July 2012

Friends: Old & New...

Last weekend we had arranged with a couple of our old friends that we used to play World Of Warcraft (WoW) with for them to come up to us and spend the weekend just chilling out and having a drink and a good old time and what can i say it turned out to be a crazy and utterly amazing weekend, not only did our 2 old friends that we used to play WoW with come but on that Friday that they were arriving i was contacted by 2 girls from Norway that i also play WoW with currently saying they were on a road trip and coming through Sweden and wondered if it would be alright if they popped in for a coffee and a chat.

Well we are never ones to turn down meeting new people, especially when we have been playing with them (or well i have been playing with them).

So they had contacted me and said that they planned on setting off from Norway on the Saturday morning but after a quick check on Google Maps it became apparent that there was no way in hell they would make it down to us on Saturday if they left that morning so they set off on the Friday night/Saturday morning instead and after a 17 hour drive (Yes 17 straight hour drive) they arrived.

It can be quite strange meeting new people because some of the people i have met that i play online with are completely different from who they are online to who they are in real life, but the 2 girls from Norway were the exact same people in real life as they were in the game which was pretty amazing.

But we had a awesome weekend filled with alot of laughter, i would say a little to much alcohol and some really great BBQ food.

We even got invited up to Norway to where they live, which is certainly something i would love to do as the views up there is like INSTAGRAM heaven, every which way you turn there is another stunning picture ready to be taken, so yea i think that at some point i will need to head up there to visit them, have a good laugh and take some wicked pictures, plus Liss has promised to give me a Gnome Welcome, i have no idea what that entails but she said something about blowing stuff up and stuff so i have no clue!

But what an amazing weekend it was, and i'm so glad we all had the opportunity to meet up again with our old friends and got to meet some new ones! I'm having my 30th Birthday next year so i'm thinking off trying to organize a massive get together with all my friends i've met and some ones i haven't had the chance to yet!

But for now i think i will bid you all farewell i currently have the man flu and it's killing me so my mind is not 100% on blogging, so until next time, have a great weekend! 


Sleeplessinnewcastle said...

My wife and I also met up with friends we play WoW with in Malta and we are planning to head out there again later this year. It is fantastic when you can meet new people and broaden your horizons and to do it while having fun playing WoW is all the better!

ginavalley said...

I hope you are recovered. The flu is the worst.