Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sounds Promising...

So the other week I decided to have a little chat with my boss, seeing as he was going on holiday for 5 weeks and by the time he returned from his holiday I would be finishing off my praktikplats with the company.

Obviously I would love to be kept on with the company as I haven't had so much fun at work EVER! not to mention the people that I work with are truly awesome which makes going to work really fun and enjoyable.
To be honest up until I started with the company I'm with now I used to hate going to work, but now I'm getting up every morning and I feel like "yeehaa time to get to work!"

But anyways I decided to have a chat and see what he thought I should do, and I have to say it sounded really positive and I left the chat feeling really happy.

He has advised me that I should contact the local job center and ask for my praktik to be extended by another 3 months and I have to have a chat with our main boss who is in charge of both the caretakers and the cleaners, so I have done that and am currently waiting for the person at the job center who is in charge of me to come back from holiday and give me a response as to if it's possible.
I have also spoke to my main boss about it on some what of a level, unfortunately there was other people around so i couldn't have a proper chat with her but i shall do that at some point when she returns from her holiday, and see what she has to say.
However she has asked if i would be interested in the cleaning side of the company and i have said that i would, to be honest i will do anything as long as it entails working with the people that i am working with now, because they are all really great people who know how to have a good laugh while getting the job done so we shall see, i shall of course keep you updated on that later on.

I'm just hoping that they will extend it and by the time that 3 months has ended that there is a position with the company available for me.
If not I'm going to be disappointed of course but at least I will have worked in Sweden for 6 months and have a good few reference’s if nothing else.

Of course I would much rather continue with the company as I really do love working there, but we shall see. But from what my boss has said he is really happy with my work and finds it really fun to work with me. So lets keep the fingers crossed eh?

But until next time I hope everyone has had a great weekend and that you have a awesome week.


mum said...

brilliant blog son I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you so keep me posted :-)

Ben said...

I will do, i have my phones calendar to notify me on the 10th Aug to make me remember to contact the job centre to ask about my praktik extension and holiday, and then after that i'll just have to hope something comes up in some sort of way, Time Employment or something.