Tuesday, 10 July 2012

"Choose a job.....

...you love and you will never have to work a day in your life"
~ Confusius

Well today The Angry Scot is not around, and i just thought i (his partner in crime) would make a wee post here in his absence.
As all of you might have understood he is away most of the day now, working and really enjoying it. And coming home at evening doesn't leave alot of time on his hands to actually write a blog-post. I'm sure that there will be a post or two in the next coming few days as we had some good friends here last weekend.

It is amazing seeing what a job can do with a person though. The Angry Scot was unemployed for quite some time and life with him wasn't always the easiest. I totally understand why, i mean, me and the kids was always out all day. We were always talking to other people during the day and doing things, and when we came home we were tired, whilst The Angry Scot sat around the house not really doing anything and the more he sat around, the less energy he had to spare.
He has had some really downs during the last couple of years, struggling with his own identity i would say.
And who wouldn't??
I don't even know if i would have been able to cope with it, and i realize that now. That maybe i never actually can put myself in that state of mind he was in...
I remember being really annoyed at him at times because sometimes it was so damn hard even getting a smile out of him.
He really was The Angry Scot!!
But then again, if you're feeling that there is nothing left to smile for here in the world, why fake it??

But that was then **smiling big**
Then one day a year ago, i designed this blog for him and told him to start blogging about what's on his mind. And to be completely honest i think this blog is what saved his mind from going completely mental..
Then a couple of months back he was granted this "praktik" place.
And like they say; the rest is history.

Now The Angry Scot smiles, so it doesn't really make him so Angry anymore.
Maybe time to change this blog title??
Although naming a blog "The Happy Scot who Smiled" is probably not a good name lol....

So yeah. 
The Angry Scot, not so much angry anymore.
He comes home from work with a smile on his face, tired but still wants to chat away. And he wakes up in the morning acting like a bloody Energizer Bunny, ready to rock....
Now that is awful i tell you, ha ha!!

He has always been the best partner i could have asked for, and the best father figure the kiddies could asked for and they love him to death.
I love him regardless with all of my heart and i always will,
but it is just really nice to see him being somewhat peaceful with where he is at in life too.

So here's to you hubbie...
Love you forever and ever and i really hope that you get to stay with the job you found as you are so happy these days.
But even if you don't, always remember that we love you loads!! <3 <3 <3



Si (DM) said...

Good going Ben ! Well written as well /like

ginavalley said...

Very sweet!