Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back From Holiday!

So i've been back from my little holiday to Scotland for a couple of days now and i finally got some stuff sorted out so i thought it was about time that i let everyone know how it went.

For the people that don't have me on Facebook the trip over to Scotland started out in pure disaster, as when we arrived in Lidk√∂ping to take the direct train to Gothenburg it was announced that the train was cancelled due to a train hitting a tree on the track, great right?!? Please explain how a train is meant to hit a tree? I thought tree's grew at the side of the tracks not on them.

Safe to say, what started out as a nice and calm start to the day turned quickly into a state of panic and what the hell are we going to do? However we were saved by 2 absolutely amazing woman who had overheard us talking on the phone to train company, and informed us that they were going to take another route to get to Gothenburg and that it would get us to the airport in time.
I have no idea who these ladies are but they saved our asses that is for sure and i am forever grateful for their help!
But we got over to Scotland eventually, and of course it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't pissing down with rain when we arrived, and of course my lovely homeland didn't disappoint!
Outside Edinburgh Airport, and of course it's pissing down!
But i have to admit the whole week was not like that infact the Scottish weather decided to be nice to us and even give us a few days of sun which was more than generous of it, unfortunately we didn't take advantage of it which was a bit stupid of us and we spent most of our holiday either visiting people or shopping. I'm thinking that next time we will scrap the whole visiting and shopping crap and just spend every day going around and seeing different parts of the country.
Not that i don't actually want to see people but for once i think i would rather come over and actually show the kids different things around where i come from rather than here is 4 walls enjoy! 

However the kids had a blast, not only were they spoiled rotten like always when we go over, but they got ANOTHER birthday party, which would make that Birthday Party number 3 for this year (They had one at ours, one at their dads and then one at their grandparents, not bad for some people eh)
and of course a Birthday Party wouldn't be complete without a cake!
The boys Birthday Cake, complete with a lovely picture of them lol.
However not the whole trip was awesome, if you recall from my previous post i was meant to finally meet my son Louis, who i hadn't seen in a little over 3 years, and although i had my reservations about meeting up with him after such a long time i was really looking forward to it as well, but it didn't happen........
I have no idea why it didn't happen, i had phoned him on the Thursday to arrange to meet up with him on the Friday which was them cancelled (By him) and moved to Sunday and i had said to him that he should just send me a text when and where he would like to meet, but as i waited on Sunday it occurred to me that he wasn't going to get in touch and i was right, i'm pretty gutted that i was their for a whole week and i didn't get the chance to meet up with him but as i said in my previous post after not seeing each other in such a long time perhaps it was just to much for him, and i didn't really want to push him.

Unfortunately i have not heard from him either since the last time i spoke to him on the phone last Friday but i'm hoping that he has just been busy and that he will be in touch with me soon, i have sent him messages but had no reply. 

Not only did i not get the chance to meet my son, but then my Grandad got taken into hospital while i was over their which wasn't the best, luckily it was nothing serious or at least the hospital has said it was nothing serious and he is now back home after a couple of nights in the hospital but it wasn't exactly the best thing to hear the day after you land for your holiday.

But other than that the trip was fun, and it was so great seeing everyone, especially my parents and sister and just hoping that it isn't that long again before we see each other, but for now i'm going to head off and leave you with some other pictures i took on my trip. 

Ever wondered what a Chippy is! Well here it is, and damn it's so good! Fried Pizza is the best thing ever created!

Decided to take a picture of the new hospital where i come from, when i went to visit my Grandad.

Perhaps the smallest Round-A-Bout in the world?

My Dad playing with the 2 boys.

Of course a trip back home, would not be complete without a small drink with my Dad, of course that small drink turned into me being absolutely hammered, but oh well it was great and Gentleman Jack was a pure Gentleman!


mum said...

Its was the best week It was fantastic having you guy's over I couldn't have wished it to be better than it was just a shame you didn't finally get to see Louis but maybe next time around,and I can tell you this for sure we will be over next year its not going to be another 3yrs

The Angry Scot said...

Well i have to agree not being able to meet Louis really was upsetting but like you said perhaps next time, apart from that and the fact Grandad got taken into hospital it was awesome. Although i think next time we need to try and arrange to do stuff like i said, let the kids see stuff. Maybe not the zoo and things like that but just generally taking them out and about since we normally spend the week visiting/shopping. Although i don't think the kids really care what we do they have a blast anyways :)

But yea i really had a awesome time and can't wait to see you guys again!