Saturday, 22 September 2012

What A Week

So this week has turned into quite the experience I must admit and on top of that busy as hell.
I mean not only have I been working like a absolute dog at work, ok nothing is unusual with that, it takes hard work and dedication to be a kick ass Vaktmästare haha!

But on top of that the last couple of days I've been basically coming home eating dinner, taking a shower and then heading out of the door within the space of a hour.

Firstly on Tuesday I had a meeting at Mikaela's school, this in itself was a experience of a lifetime, since it was the first meeting (school meeting that is) in Swedish that I have attended myself without Marie accompanying me and sitting half the time translating stuff that I don't understand, and although I didn't quite understand 100% of everything that was said I got enough of it to make me feel great about it.
Not to mention I think the main reason I didn't really understand everything fully is because I still even after living here 6 years fully understand the Swedish schooling system.

However I had to have a good laugh since when we first arrived at the school the first thing to come out of my beloved daughter's mouth as she walked up to a group of friends was.
"You can stand over there"
As she pointed half way across the school playground, safe to say I was more than a bit shocked I mean I'm still cool right?
Well apparently not....

But it went well apart from that, and I learned quite a bit about the education system in Sweden and about her next step in her education which will be happening next year, but we still have a lot to look into and sort out before then so we shall see.

Not only did I have that, I also ended up in another meeting on Wednesday although this time it was for the boys and actually in Järpås so at least I didn't have to travel into town like I did for Mikaela's meeting.

That meeting however was nothing really important and more along the lines of meet the teachers and see what they have been doing etc, and it seems like the boys have been doing well.
We obviously still have a proper teachers meeting to go to in the not so distant future but it was still nice to get a mini update I guess you could call it.

But that's been my week, working and meetings although now it's the weekend and the boys are away to their dads for the weekend and my oldest Mikaela is away saying at friends all weekend so it's nice to be able to just sit back and relax with Marie for a change without having to worry about kids hehe.

But for now I shall bid you all farewell and I hope you all have a great weekend as well.


mum said...

enjoyed your blog glad kids are doing well at school also enjoy your time with Marie hope you's are planning something nice for a change seem you's don't have any kiddies this is the time to spoil each other

ginavalley said...

I hope this week has more peace for you!