Sunday, 16 September 2012

If You Don't Laugh...

So i'm aware that the post is a bit later than i had originally planned but if you seen my photo over at The Angry Scot's Facebook Page you will have noticed that i finally decided to get outside and cut our damn grass, it took me about 2 hours and after it i was completely dead. But i said i was going to post one this weekend and i didn't want to let people down.

I have actually considered taking a small break away from blogging and just focussing on other things, because if i'm honest even though i love to do it, trying to find the time at the moment is becoming difficult. I honestly can't believe how much getting a job would affect the time i actually have to do things and i just feel that i'm stressing alot about not putting out content etc and always making promises that i'm going to post something and then not doing it because i end up doing other things.
But i don't know yet, perhaps i'll just download the blogger app to my iPhone and just write things up when i get time at work like on lunch etc and just post them up when they are finished we shall see, but i shall keep you all updated on what i decide.

But back to the post...

So the other day i got a big shock when i asked Marie to give the försäkringskassan (It's the people who pay my wages for being on this praktik i'm on) a quick call to confirm which dates i should write on the paper that i need to send into them in the next couple of weeks, the reason i asked her to do this is because we had apparently doing it wrongly and they were getting annoyed and it was holding up my money.
So to make sure it was right i had asked Marie when she was off work on Thursday to give them a call just to double confirm the dates.
However when she gave them a call she was told that they were not aware that i was still on my praktik, thus meaning i was not insured while i was at work for the first week of my second 3 months....

One word: Arbetsförmedlingen (Job Centre)

Yes indeed they have struck AGAIN!

It turns out that although my Job Centre point of contact had given me the go ahead to work another 3 months at the company i'm with, she had decided not to bother informing the rest of the Job Centre, aka she hadn't written anything in my file that i was granted a 3 month extension, thus meaning that Försäkringskassan was not informed either and thus meaning i was not insured or entitled to any money.

Fantastic right??

So of course, Marie gives me a call at work and informs me of this and i have to now try and get in contact with my person at the Job Centre to find out what the hell has happened, but in true Arbetsförmedlingen style whenever you try and get in contact with them, they always seem to be conveniently busy and not able to take your call, so i got sent through to customer services who tried to help me but was unable to sent me through someone random girl at the Lidköping Job Centre.

By this point you could imagine who stressed i was, i mean i shouldn't even be working since i was insured and if anything would have happened i would have been up shit creak without a paddle as they say. But i explained what happened and read out the e-mail that i had been sent by my point of contact at the Job Centre and the lovely lady at the other end said she would come back to me as soon as she could.

So after about 2 hours of waiting my work phone finally begins to ring and it's the job centre, and what can i said but the relief i felt when she informed me that she had fixed the problem and that i would be receiving a letter in the mail that i need to sign and send back to them was unbelievable.

I know that i shouldn't be surprised by anything that the Job Centre does or in this case doesn't do but still. It seems that every time i have some sort of dealing with these guys there is always some problem here or there that i end up spending hours of a phone trying to get resolved.

But it's fixed and all is well, and i'm now working with insurance again (So grateful that nothing happened!). 
It was just lucky that i had asked Marie to get in contact with the Försäkringskassan, otherwise i don't know what would have happened.

But that's my fun and games for this week, as i said i shall see how things go and maybe try and grab the app so i can write up a post during the week when i have time at lunch etc so all i need to do is do some edits on the computer and add images etc if i want to at the end of the week, but we shall see.

So until next time.. Have a great week guys!


mum said...

Really glad everything worked out good in the end; -)

Rasmus Ringdahl said...

Well... Arbetsförmedlingens work number one is to mess up the peoples jobsearch. My girlfriends contact on Arbetsförmedlingen has as hobby to send the wrong dates for appointments etc. very annoying.

ginavalley said...

Nothing is ever easy, is it?

The Angry Scot said...

Well they ain't done anything like that, they just have meetings with me and then neglect to put any information on the computer lol.

The Angry Scot said...

It seems not Gina, just very frustrating that they would give me 3 months more and then not put anything on their system, meaning that i was un-insured for 1 week while i was working. Now if anything would have happened obviously it would have been the job centre liable, but still...