Saturday, 25 August 2012


So the days are drawing in quick and fast and now it's only 4 days until i head off to Göteborg airport with Marie and the kids to take a flight over to Scotland!!

I have to admit that i am really excited about flying over, it could have something to do with the fact that i haven't actually been back over to my homeland in around 3 years, and although i have been able to still see my parents and sister since they have been flying over here for visits (Well except for last year, so now it's been one year since i have seen them too), i have been unfortunately unable to see my grandparents.

I did however last Christmas make the effort and have a Skype call with them all since my Mum & Dad had invited my grandparents over to their house for Christmas dinner, so although i was unable to be there and see them i did get to see and talk to them over video chat which was really nice, and actually made me realise how much i missed them. I should really make more of a effort to keep in better contact with my grandparents even if it is just sending them a e-mail every once in a while but you know how life is. You get caught up with this and that and before you know it time has slipped by and it's been years since you last spoke to someone.
But i think after my trip i'm going to try and make a better effort, and maybe give them a call once a month or something to just to see how they are doing and things like that, but i think it's going to be awesome to be over there again and see them.

Not only will i get to see all my family and hopefully some of my friends when i fly over but i also get the chance to meet up with a very special someone in my life, now i think by now that most of my readers know nearly everything about my life but something i'm pretty sure nobody knows except for very close family and friends that read my blog is that i have a son called Louis over in Scotland.
Unfortunately due to things completely out of my control i lost contact with him for over 3 years, i think the last time i spoke to him he was turning 9 years old and obviously the reason i have never ever wrote anything about him on here is because it was a very sore subject as i hadn't seen or spoke to him in that length of time. But a very good friend of mines managed to get us back in contact and after speaking to my son's mum he finally got in touch with me over Facebook and we had a good chat.

So not only am i going over and having the opportunity to see my family and some of my friends i haven't seen in 3 years i am also getting the chance to meet up with my son Louis. If i'm truly honest, i have some mixed feelings about this, i didn't a few weeks or even days back but as the days are drawing in i have found myself getting both nervous and scared but at the same time extremely happy. Although it's going to be strange seeing his since i haven't seen him in 3 years and my once little boy is now grown up and is nearly a teenager, but i'm sure it's going to be awesome and i just cannot wait!

So now you know a little bit more about me! As i said i would have wrote about him earlier but the fact we had lost contact and i was unable to do anything about it, made the subject of him really painful to even consider writing about, but now... Well things are looking up, i have this trip to Scotland and hopefully this is a good opportunity to build some bridges again.

My Son a few years back, sorry but don't have a up to date picture at the moment :(
But for now i'm going to head off, we have alot of stuff to get done since we will need to do all our packing this weekend as myself and Marie are both working Monday & Tuesday and our flight is on the Wednesday which means we have no chance in hell of packing any time before our flight.

But if you would like to keep up to date with everything that is happening while i'm over in Scotland with my family then don't forget to head over to The Angry Scot Facebook Page or follow me on Instagram (@theangryscot) as i will be posting up stuff on them all the time!

But until next time! Have a great weekend and a great week ahead!


ginavalley said...

Enjoy your trip.
It is great that you will be re-connecting with your son.
Good luck!

The Angry Scot said...

Thanks Gina, hoping it's going to be awesome and i'm more than sure it will be :)

robin said...

thanks for sharing.