Thursday, 20 December 2012

She's Gone Christmas Mad....

Ok so finally after 6 years being together myself and Marie have found ourselves weeks before Christmas being completely finished with everything except for the Christmas food.

And for some strange reason because of this Marie has turned into some sort of Christmas crazy person, I mean seriously for like the last month I have been getting a run down to Christmas like everyday.
She's worse than the kids.

But i have to admit that it's a really great feeling that for once we don't have to do the mad rush down the shopping centre on payday to go and buy everything that we can possibly afford this year. We are able to just sit back, relax and enjoy the time off that we both have, and be able to just enjoy the kids as well without having to stress about anything. So i'm guessing this is probably the reason why she has been going Christmas Nuts as well.

I got to admit though that since i have been working and earning money that I have found myself a little bit more happy at the thought of this Christmas since for once we have been able to shop everything and get the kids exactly what we want to get them without thinking about the cost. But Marie is just totally mad about it lol.

I honestly think she's more excited about it than what the kids are, but although she's been driving me nuts with this count down of hers, it's a really nice feeling to see her so happy and excited about it.

Lets just hope that our good fortune that has been bestowed upon this year can continue into next year and who knows maybe more surprises can happen along the way, but for now I'm going to sit back and enjoy this ride of life that we are currently on and enjoy the feeling that I get every time I wake up and see her face and see how happy and excited she is about everything.

I love you, you crazy Swedish Christmassy chick :)

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mum said...

Glad for you both its about time this happened for you guys :-0 and yes lets hope this will continue in your amazing path together xxxx